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Why The New Travel?





What I Believe

I believe in truth. I believe in authenticity. I believe in storytelling.

We have at our fingertips the greatest medium ever known for sharing our stories. Why not dare to be different, and say what hasn't been said? Do what hasn't been done?

I believe in big dreams, hard work and perseverance. Every day I believe in doing one thing to make this site better, and one thing to bring me closer to my audience.

When a travel blog can tells stories that inspire, that inform, that motivate and educate, then it is doing its job. Everything else - from social media, to ebooks, to sponsorships - is all secondary.

We all have stories to tell. If you want to work with me, share yours.

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The New Travel Where Storytelling Matters

What I Offer

For a long time I didn't considering advertising on The New Travel. The main reason is that I care about my content, and I don't want it to be devalued by anything that appears spammy of low-value.

I won't work with everyone - and that's okay.

That means those I chose to work with will get the most value out of a partnership. My partners will be tailored to the interests of my readers and the values of my site. With this relationship, we all win.

This means I can offer you an audience that is well-respect and accustomed to quality content. You will not find your advertisement to be a single drop in a bucket of "Click here" and "Buy here" adverts. Instead, your advertisement will stand out and be an integral component of The New Travel. This is a commitment and a responsibility - for both of us. If you do not believe in the value of your product or service for a young audience of budget travellers, take your offer elsewhere.

Please familiarize yourself with the content of my site before contacting with any offers.

How much traffic do you get? receives, on average 10,000 - 12,000 page views / month. receives about 5,000 views / month.

The two sites are connected as The New Travel, and benefit from cross-site traffic.

Google Analytics for over the three-month period to begin 2016:

The New Travel: google analytics page views

* Note - in April of 2016, my two sites switched domains. This explains why appears with the analytics given to

Where are your readers from?

50% of my traffic comes from Canada or the United States. English-speaking countries account for most of my readership, while Western Europe and South-East Asia are subsidiary audiences.

Since I write in English but have lived and worked out of Europe and Asia, this is easy to understand. This audience aligns with The New Travel's plan to be an English-language authority in the global market.

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How old are your readers?

Over 85% of The New Travel's readers are between the ages of 18 - 34. As The New Travel focuses on backpacking and world travel, this is aligned with the blog's core ambition: to be a top storytelling platform for young, budget travellers.

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What ads will you consider?

I am currently taking offers for adspace in the footer section of my page.

The New Travel Blog advertising

What ads will you not consider?

The New Travel will not consider:

  • Ads that don't look like ads
  • Ads that annoy the user's experience
  • Ads that aren't relevant to the site

When someone clicks on your ad, they should know what they're getting into. If what you're advertising could come across as spammy, I'm not your guy.

I do not consider sponsored links for products or services that I have not used and therefore cannot vouch for.

If however you have an attractive advert that fits the style and the context of my site than I invite you to get in touch with me through media [at]

Will you review my product or service?

If what you are offering is aligned with my site's core principles than I will gladly review it. However, I am currently not accepting unpaid reviews.

Can I see some reviews you have done before?

Sure. Please visit

How can I contact you?

The simplest way is to email media [at] Further contact information.