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All Posts, AKA, the sleepless night Dan turned two years of his life into a table, is an index of every active blog post on this site.

Take a look at them all. Just imagine how long it took to make this table. Then imagine how long it took to write all those posts. It’s like thinking about how many stars there are in the galaxy, and then how many galaxies there are in the universe!

Where in the universe is the new travel blog?

Or… something like that.

Whatever galaxy you find yourself clicking on, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Notes at the bottom.

All PostsYear Published
4 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel as a Couple2016
40 Tips for Sharing a Room in a Hostel2016
How to Make Friends at a Hostel2016
Should you Book a Hostel Before Arriving in a New City?2016
Dan's Guide to Your First Hostel2015
Things to Do in North Vietnam: Ma Pi Leng Pass2016
Things to Do in North Vietnam: Lung Cu Flag Pole2016
Things to do in North Vietnam: Dong Van Sunday Market2016
The Sidewalks of Saigon2016
How to Survive Crossing the Street in Vietnam2016
Communist Propaganda Posters in Vietnam 2016
The Road to Pai - Motorbiking in Thailand2016
Dan's Guide to Teaching English in South Korea2016
Naked tourists in Malaysia, belief systems, and BLT sandwiches2015
Korean Food Pictures2014
10 Students You Never Forget After Teaching ESL in Korea2014
Refugees: The Forgotten Travellers2015
A Crowd For Charlie - 2 Million Person Anti-Terrorism March in Paris2015
A Minute in Paris2014
Why Finding an Apartment in Paris Sucks2014
Visiting Pere Lachaise Cemetery - Famous Cemetery in Paris2014
The Louvre: More Than The Mona Lisa2014
The time I broke into an old, abandoned, communist-era amusement park2014
Talking European Politics In Fuckin’ Draveil2014
A Day in Bruges – Belgium’s Storybook Town2014
Rude Parisians - The Old Man Who Sold Used Books2014
Poverty In Paris (The Beggar with the Cards)2014
Is Something Wrong with the Tourists in Paris?2014
French Classes and Belgian Fries2014
Aimless in Amsterdam2014
The Troll’s Tongue – Trolltunga Hike in Norway2014
Nomads in Norway2014
Belgian Beer Weekend - The Best Beers I've Ever Tasted2014
Jet Lagged in Brussels2014
Central America
Nighttime in Nebaj2016
A Girl Named Chaouen - The Blue Town in Morocco2015
True Friends and False Guides in Morocco2015
Ibn Battuta - The Greatest Traveller The World Doesn’t Know2015
Travel Tips
The Answer is Solo Travel2016
The Secret to Long-Term Travel2015
Stay Free - Best Advice for New Travellers2015
Living Abroad
The Moc Bai Border Run (Visa Extension from Saigon)2016
The Bitter Expat2016
How to Find An Apartment in a New City2016
A Canadian’s Guide to the France Working Holiday Visa2014
The Best Student Cities: Why Bigger Isn’t Better2014
Successful Habits
You Are the Average of Five2016
Stay on Your Path2016
Keep Calm and Remember You Will Die2014
Start Before You Feel Ready2014
These Books Will Make You Want To Travel2015
15 Cool Gifts for Travellers2014
5 Reasons Every Traveller Needs a Kindle2014
Get Inspired
Most People, Most Places, Are Good2016
Authenticity... and then what?2016
Music and Memory and Travel and Time2016
What it really means to “find yourself” through travel2015
6 Reasons It’s The Best Time Ever to Travel the World2015
Travel, Fast and Slow2015
Keep Your Train Tickets - How to Hold onto Travel Memories2015
Every Backpack Tells a Story2014
Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Beach2015
Cruising Through Croatia - Busabout Tour2015
Valencia's Las Fallas - A Good Sort of Crazy2015
Seven Meaningful Quotes From Shambhala Music Festival2013
My Most Viewed Post Ever
We're Told Not to Travel2014
My First Post Ever, Preserved in All Its Awkwardness
The Days Before Departure2014
Travel Blogging and YouTube
How to Stay Motivated as a YouTuber2016
How Does a Travel Blog Make Money?2016
Why Do Travel Blogs All Sound the Same?2015



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