Travel Blog Consulting

Travel Blog Consulting

  • Find Your Voice.
  • Learn the Craft.
  • Grow Your Audience.


Starting a travel blog is easy. All you need to do is write your first post. Growing a travel blog is a whole different story. You soon realise that it requires a whole range of skills and knowledge that very few of us consider at the beginning. We start our blogs with a passion for writing, for photography, or for storytelling. Not too long later we can introduced to things like plugins, and SEO, and web design, and social media management.

Some of these things come easier to us than others. Some parts can be downright painful!

As I have gone through this process myself over the past two years, I've gained a wealth of experience that I would now like to share. In particular, my consulting services could be useful for bloggers who are trying to determine their niche, get more views for their content, or improve their writing skills.

* If you are looking to grow a YouTube audience, I am now accepting Video Blogging clients. *

About Dan Vineberg:

  • * Degree in Creative Writing from UBC, a top-ranked University
  • * Over 100,000 unique page views on The New Travel Blog in its first year
  • * Over 60,000 views this year on YouTube
  • * Learn More.
Ha Giang Travel Blogger
This offer won't be for everyone. But if you're ready to take your blog to the next level, email dan[at]thenewtravelblog[dot]com to see what options are available.