4 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel as a Couple

If you are a couple planning your next trip, there are a number of great reasons why staying in a hostel may be the perfect choice for you. In this post I'm going to give you a quick run down of the best reasons for staying in a hostel as a couple.

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4 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel as a Couple

1. Hostels are Cheaper

$45 for a private room in a European Hostel? Not bad. $22.50 for the same room? Now we're talking!

Hostels are primarily thought of as a budget travel option, so I would be remiss if I didn't start by pointing out the obvious: being able to share the cost of accomodation with your partner will lead to significant savings on a daily basis.

This is only really applicable to couples who will be staying in private rooms. If you're staying in dorm rooms, it goes without saying that you will each need to purchase your own bed. Sorry love-birds, but as I've pointed out on my YouTube channel, sharing a bed in a hostel isn't going to work in dorm rooms!

Having sex in a hostel

2. Hostels are More Social

Even though it's the budget savings that people usually associate with staying in a hostel, as I pointed out in my Guide to Your First Hostel, the social aspect of hostels is just as important.

I always stay in a hostel as a solo traveller, because they're such great places to make friends. I've found this to be true even while in a relationship - though I must admit, it's a bit harder. You're going to be hanging out as a couple a lot of the time, and this can make you less approachable to others. You will also be less likely to approach others.

But this doesn't mean the social aspect of hostels doesn't apply to couples in hostels. A hostel should be a welcoming place for all sorts of people, and the best hostels organize free walking tours, communal meals, and all sorts of activities that make it natural to meet others.

Shared hostel meal in vietnam

If you're a couple who have stayed in hostels and found that you haven't met many other travellers, consider a few things:

* Are you staying in dorms, where you are more likely to meet other travellers?
* Are you spending time in the common spaces of your hostel?
* Have you taken the initiative and said hi to anyone else?

It doesn't matter if you're shy or introverted. I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's nowhere easier to make friends than in a hostel. This is true for couples too, if you keep an open mind.

Shared meal at hostel in Barcelona
Communal meal at Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia Hostel in Barcelona.

For more on this topic read my post: How to Make Friends at a Hostel.

Or, watch the video:

3. Hostels Offer Tours and Activities for Couples

Another cool thing about staying at a hostel, is that you can tap into the knowledge of the staff who work there. You may spend 5x or 10x as much on a nice hotel, and find that the receptionist can't recommend you a good bar in the area - or sometimes can't even speak English!

That's not a cheap shot at hostels, but especially in South East Asia, this has been my experience. Hostels are usually run by the same people they are for: young travellers from other countries. So the staff at hostels are the perfect people to answer your questions.

Friendly Bike Guesthouse in Portland Oregon
The Friendly Bike Guesthouse, in Portland Oregon

Want to know where to exchange your currency? They've got you covered. Need a vegetarian restaurant near your hostel? They know that too. These are people who answer questions by travellers from all walks of life, so they are very experienced.

Hostels also are very useful places to find out information about booking tours, either around your city or to other popular destinations. If travel has taught me one thing, it's that your itinerary is never quite as unique as you think it is. The staff knows how to get where you're trying to go, because they probably help travellers get to that same city or tour ten times a week!

Pro tip: Don't be a jerk to your hostel staff. This was one of the tips in my post "40 Tips for Sharing a Room in a Hostel", but it deserves repeating here. Just because they have a lot of answers, don't expect them to plan your whole damn six-week backpacking route while there's a line up of tired travellers waiting to check in.

4. Two is Better Than One.

Two is better than one

I've been lucky enough to travel to 30 countries around the world, and most of this was done as a solo traveller. So before I get jumped on by solo travellers for making this statement, remember that I am no stranger to walking the solo path! And I love it! Just last month I spoke about the merits of solo travel as a means of self-discovery in a video called: "Solo Travel - It's About Getting To Know Yourself".

But there's no denying that some memories are better shared with others.

Couple travellers on motorbikes

A meaningful backpacking adventure will be something you remember for the rest of your life. Choosing to do this as a couple is a bold move. If you're in a relationship that you care about, you'll form memories together that will deepen your connection.

Hostelling is one of the cheapest, most social, and most fun forms of travel. The affordability of staying in a hostel as a couple allows you to form many more memories than, say, spending it all on one romantic weekend getaway.

On your next trip, give hostels a try. You won't be disappointed.

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