Where I’ve Been (MAP + STORIES)

A map tells a story

Not a lie exactly, but not the whole truth.

For 8 months I lived in South Korea.
It occupies only a small portion of the map.

For 5 days I visited Hong Kong — and yet
the map makes me look fluent in Chinese.

Counting countries doesn’t mean much,
When it takes a hundred lifetimes to explore each.

Take on a slower sort of travel.
The world is not a checklist.


This map tells my story, but remember — it’s not the whole truth.


1. Six word stories about each country I’ve visited

2. Longer stories about the places I’ve been


Bosnia and Herzegovina A wonderful place to contemplate life.
Belgium Try the beer and the waffles.
Cambodia Angkor Wat is a must visit.
Canada My home! Come visit… in summer.
Costa Rica Learn to surf and see monkeys.
Croatia Like the French Riveria, but cheaper.
Denmark Crazy people who like to party.
France Not for the faint of heart.
Germany Great food. Great beer. Bad weather.
Guatemala A sad history, a beautiful country.
Hong Kong A city from the near future.
Hungary Budapest is Europe’s most underrated city.
Italy The pizza will change your life.
Japan The cleanest big cities on earth.
Malaysia Be sure to visit Batu Caves.
Mexico I was young. It was hot.
Morocco Whatever you expect, it will exceed.
Netherlands Bikes everywhere! Be careful in Amsterdam…
Norway Nature as you’ve never seen before.
Romania A short visit. Good looking women.
Serbia Great nightlife, friendly people, cheap prices!
South Korea Try the street food. Avoid soju.
Spain Spanish people are the happiest alive.
Thailand Wait… or maybe Thai people are!
United States Pacific Northwest region is highly underrated.
Vatican City I’m not religious… worth a visit.
Vietnam Motorbikes, motorbikes everywhere! And great food.


So where do you want to visit first?


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